Jill Weisensel


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“Good Morning Jill,

I was in the AM class you did for RTA in CA. I want to thank you personally for your teaching.  This was the best  class I have seen and I have had three of them.

You made the class interesting and new and I could see by the drivers faces and reactions that you were very effective.

Everyone is using the defense technique you taught us and practicing on each other during the day with a good humor.

The drivers have confirmed my feelings that the class made a positive impact and you are a very good instructor.

Thank you Again Jill and I hope our paths cross again in this lifetime.  Be Blessed in all you do for us out there.”

– Darla Nassif, RTA Operations Supervisor.


“For a lot of people, honor is a virtue they put high on a pedestal. Jill Weisensel, however, has a remarkable ability to translate honor into action. By helping lead campus efforts to prevent sexual violence prevention and encourage bystander intervention, Jill serves her department and her campus community with integrity, dignity, intelligence and empathy. Her service to others, along with her willingness to educate fellow professionals and share her expertise, has transformed Jill into an inspirational leader.”  -Kathy Mangold, Vistelar Group

“Jill is an inspiration to me on a daily basis because of her passion for promoting safety by using effective communication. I have never seen someone so driven to prevent and address bullying and sexual violence. She is an incredibly passionate and engaging speaker with years of thoughtful research backing up her conclusions.” –Jessica Gatzke, CPA

“Jill Weisensel has mentored me through speaking events in the past and I have had the opportunity to see her speak many times. During the Boys and Girls Club Speak Out Against Sexual Violence event, Jill was able to relate to the high school students and challenge them to engage in their communities and truly speak out against injustice. Every student and adult there came into the day with a different knowledge base on sexual violence and what to do about it. Jill was able to relate to everyone on his or her own individual level and keep him or her engaged the entire session. She engages in dialogue with the audience and her presence demands a safe space where everyone can share their thoughts and opinions. I know that Jill truly emulates what it means to be a public speaker because she instantly makes everyone feel comfortable while challenging them to learn and to act upon what she has taught him or her.” – Ann Feeley, Milwaukee Boys & Girls Club Speak Out Event

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