Hi There.

Gary Klugiewicz here.

We have talked before about how Botox is being used to combat depression. Here is a great Radio Health Journal audio program on how your facial expressions influence your mood and how facial expressions impact the moods of others. You can check out their other audio posts @ www.radiohealthjournal.net.

Andrew Garrison has always told us about the impact of your smile in influencing how you feel. We have always taught the importance of smiling in setting the tone for the whole interaction.  (See the link for a great peace story by Mark Andrews @ http://vistelar.com/18567/just-one-change)

Listen to this audiotape and you will the learn the importance of facial expression and their impact on the mood of others.

Please start smiling or we may need to recommend Botox for you.

Just kidding – I think.

Have a great day.

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