Hello, this is Jill Weisensel.

I recently had the opportunity to train the bus operators for the San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority. This was a phenomenal class.

The drivers brought in real-life experiences and I tailored the Verbal Defense and Influence principles specifically to their occupation and the types of incidents they encounter on a daily basis.

When I arrived, I believe my host was expecting a “presentation style” seminar. Little did he know that we now use Performance Driven Instruction and actually practice all of the skills taught. Our Verbal Defense workshops are the farthest thing from “death by powerpoint.”

Throughout the workshop I learned several things. Most notably, I learned about the specific challenges that bus operators face when they have to remain seated and have their backs to people. One of the most important concepts that we trained that day was understanding the importance of the driver’s building a positive rapport and relationship with their passengers by treating them with dignity and respect.

The class feedback was extremely positive. They stated one of the best takeaways from the day was learning the difference between respect that is personal and earned, versus the type of respect that is professional and given.

One of the operators told me that this was the best training she had ever been too, while another told me that he loved the training because he learned skills that he begin to use immediately. All in all, this was a great experience and I was grateful to work for them!


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