Hello there. Gary Klugiewicz here.

We came across this letter to the editor in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that is worth some consideration. Vistelar has been hosting a series of webinars on the topic of Enhancing Police-Community Relations: Keeping Everyone Safer. (You can find them at a link in the upper right hand corner of the www.vistelar.com home page.)

This letter to the editor that is reprinted below explains the problem.

Communication is a two way street. Civilians need training.

We’ve heard all about the need for police to undergo mandatory training on how to respond when dealing with individuals with mental health problems.

What needs to be addressed is civilian training on how to properly respond when personally involved in any form of police contact, i.e. keeping open hands in plain view, don’t walk away while being spoken to, don’t argue, or, worse yet, place hands on the officer.

Following these easy-to-understand procedures will prevent tragedies such as we’ve experienced across the country. Jerome D. Dittmann Oak Creek

Both officers and the community members that they come in contact with should strive to treat each other like they would like to be treated under identical circumstances. We call this the Platinum Rule.

Rather than pointing fingers on what was done improperly by either party, let’s focus on how to treat each other with dignity by showing each other respect – even when we disagree.

How would we want ourselves or our loved ones treated in this situation – whether we are the officer or community member?

In future webinars, we are going to discuss how Vistelar is assisting police officers to better interact with their community members and community members to better communicate with these police officers. Take some time to check out these webinars so that we can all learn better communication skills – even in stressful situations.

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