Conflict management authors and Vistelar consultants Jill Weisensel and Ben Merens recently sat down for an interview to discuss their books and who they are written for.

You can watch the interview here.

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Campus Life Cover xsm

Jill Weisensel’s book is called Confidence In Conflict For Campus Life. As the title suggests, the book is written for college students – particularly freshmen – who are living on campus.

She shares strategies for staying safe on campus, in the dorms and when out with friends. With the recent upward trend in on-campus assaults and other forms of violence, Confidence In Conflict For Campus Life is a timely read and provides readers with steps for improving their safety immediately.

Ben’s book, People Are Dying To Be Heard takes an altogether different approach to conflict People Are Dying to be Heard smmanagement and is indeed focused more on healthy and improved communication than outright skills for mitigating arguments.

His book shows how readers can improve their listening ability to get more out of life and avoid missing the verbal and non-verbal parts of communication.

Both books are available at and

And check back for other books related to conflict management. We have other consultants writing books on other aspects of the subject as well.

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