As we approach the holiday season, thoughts of big meals, presents, and seemingly inevitable arguments with relatives come to mind.

But if you apply your verbal conflict management skills this season, you will find that these sometimes ugly scenes can be successfully navigated with the right family communication tools.

To walk us through this, we speak with Kate McChrystal, an attorney practicing Family Mediation Law.

Kate explains what family mediation is and how it can be used to bring families back together. Some of the tools she shares are re-framing emotions, question asking, and the idea of “table it and shelve it.”

Although she uses these tools with families going through divorce, you will see how they can be equally as effective as family communication tools for managing all the conflicts that pop up within a family.

Listen to the professional tools Kate uses to help families communicate better and overcome their difference. Then let us know if you’ll be trying these new skills on your family.


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