Hello, my name is John Fallon, and I am a Verbal Defense & Influence instructor at an Ohio community college.

The peace story in the video is from one of my students, Corey, who works as an intern at a local homeless shelter for teens.

Corey tells of a recent incident in which he ran into the step-parent of one of his teenage clients at the convenience store. Corey did not react to the verbal attack and allowed the scene to play itself out, which had the teenage client standing up for Corey.

The video does contain some strong language.

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Corey also relayed how he treated the young client with respect when the client was acting out and destroying property at the shelter. Corey gave the young man options, not threats, regarding which the client did not choose any of the acceptable options so he was taken to the police station all the same for destroying property at the homeless shelter.

Even though the young man was transported to jail, the young man still stood up for Corey when the young man’s father started cursing at Corey in the convenience store. Obviously, Corey had communicated concern when he talked to the young man during his violent outbreak at the homeless shelter.

Even though Corey was forced to have the youth incarcerated, as per the policies of the homeless shelter, the youth appreciated the way he was treated by Corey.

Interestingly, near the very end of the 4-minute video, you can hear one of the other students in the class in the background commenting on how much Corey has grown in his application of the principles of VDI in his work. Corey also mentions Verbal Judo, as we did read Dr. Thompson’s book as part of our class reading assignments this term.


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