A eraser


Hi there.

Gary Klugiewicz here.

We recently conducted a Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class for the Colorado Division of Youth Corrections. During the class I had an interesting encounter where the Art of Translation Concept came to mind.

The Art of Translation explains the importance and difficulty for the Sender to make sure that the Receiver is getting the translation right. This difficulty in translation often occurs when different cultures try to get the message straight but can also occur within individual cultures when the same words are used to describe different objects.

During this class, I asked for an eraser to wipe down a white board when Nadine McAlister, one of the instructors in the class, handed me a pencil eraser.

She gave me what she thought that I had requested. Needless to say, this generated a laugh but it also illustrated the importance of being clear on what you request from someone. I will now be more clear on what type of eraser that I am requesting.

Thank you Nadine for reinforcing this important lesson.


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