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Hello everyone. This is Tony Pinelle, Senior Consultant for Verbal Defense and Influence.

During the week of October 13th, I had the pleasure of teaching a Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor Course for youth corrections staff with Gary Klugiewicz.


VDI and youth corrections staff

The class was held at the Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center in scenic Golden, Colorado, and the class participants were staff from several Youth Service Centers under the Colorado Department of Human Services.

It was a great week of training with a very dedicated group of individuals. In this class, as with many of our classes, we learned much from our students. They demonstrated a vast variety of skills and experience.

Keeping in mind that we pride ourselves on Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction, the class was a great success with many presentations from the attendees.


Sharing stories

Correctional Officer Elizabeth Wilson told a superb story in which she exhibited courage by intervening in a situation with a resident who was acting out. A great example of Bystander Mobilization!

Another, Correctional Officer Crystal Gonzales, during her presentation of the Five Maxims stated, “VDI turned the Golden Rule Platinum.”

With a swing in youth corrections philosophy from a correctional mode to a more supportive treatment oriented model, the Colorado Division of youth corrections is headed in the right direction, and I look forward to working with them in the future.


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