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Officers from Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon and surrounding agencies attended another Verbal Defense and Influence instructor course at the Mystic Lake Casino and Hotel in Prior Lake, MN.

We added new elements in our program to ensure each student has the most current material available. New additions included using index cards for the Personal Redirection Activity to demonstrate the need for being prepared.

If perfect practice inspires perfect performance then being ready when the time comes means you MUST know beforehand what to say and what not to say.

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Beyond Active Listening provided the students with a new way to understand the phrase, “When words alone fail.” Teaching the 5 basic indicators to help manage when communications have broken down and identify when danger is possible.

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Expanded teach-around activity that has the students use the Communications Under Pressure Card (C.U.P. Card), providing the students with a sequence of explanations and demonstrations of each learning objective within the Verbal Defense and Influence program.

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4 basic principles to manage a panicked person. Whether it is officer over-ride, dealing with a possible PTSD patient, or attempting to calm down a person who’s mere actions could jeopardize their own safety, knowing the 4 basic principles to manage their emotion, stabilize them mentally and assist in physically keeping them safety.

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