Any great class has three important elements:


Great students

Students who are motivated, open minded, actively participating in the program make GREAT students.
Great material

Great material is defined as field proven, material that is relevant and applicable to the real world situations the students will be faced with.


Great logistical support

A location that is comfortable, clean and ready each day inspires learning, encourages participation and capable of delivering the material effectively.

We would like to recognize Connie Roseth from Mystic Lake Casino who each morning and then again at lunch stopped by our classroom to make sure we had clean, fresh water, cups, ice and fresh coffee before our class started and coordinated with Mike and the cleaning crew to make sure the garbage was taken out and room was cleaned and ready for the next day!

The employees, staff and casino and hotel personnel were an outstanding group of professionals and a joy to work with – on behalf of Gary Klugiewicz and myself Dave Young and the Vistelar Team – THANK YOU!


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