Learning how to defend yourself starts with understanding the three basic principals of effective communication and physical awareness we teach in all of our Verbal Defense & Influence and Arma Training programs.

Those principals are to remain alert, be decisive and have a preplanned response.


Remain Alert: Complacency kills!

Without the ability to be emotionally awake, mentally aware and ready to physically respond we will never maintain the position of awareness needed to win when our lives depend on it the most.


Be decisive: Hesitation hinders performance!

Confidence in yourself, your equipment and in your training makes you sharp. Courage is triggered by the confidence you have in your own skills and enhances your performance!


Have a preplanned response: Be prepared!

Training is supposed to prepare you for what is about to happen…not for what we hope never occurs. Practice your skills, build your strategies and learn to choreograph your success, not your failure!

Gary T. Klugiewicz and I are training at the Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota this week covering our Verbal Defense & Influence Basic Instructor program.

We’ll be addressing effective communication strategies such as the 5 Maxims, Universal Greetings and deescalation strategies as well as physical skills like Proxemics management. Don’t forget, “The words you use set the stage you preform on!”


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