Hello there, Gary Klugiewicz here.

We just finished a great instructor class at the Orange County Transportation Authority in sunny California.

Vistelar is making great strides in providing a transit specific class for the contact professionals that provide the bus and train operations throughout the country. In this class, we were able to add material to assist transit operators with the short & sweet Universal Greetings that they have time for in the fast paced, rider rich environments that they work.

Material was also added to introduce transit operators to Dave Young’s 10 / 5 / 2 foot concept for keeping themselves safe when passengers are approaching them from outside the vehicle or from behind them when already on board.

Finally, we addressed how to change gears from a pleasant contact to a conflict ridden one using redirection and persuasion tactics.

Watch for some upcoming blog entries where we share some of the peace stories generated by transit operators. We are looking forward to returning to Orange County early next year.


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