Greetings, this is Gary Klugiewicz coming to you to discuss the role bystander mobilization plays in light of transit operators and other contact professionals getting assaulted.

Peter Harrell, Jr. and I recently conducted a transit operator focused Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Class at the Orange County Transit Authority. It was so well received that we have another instructor class scheduled for September 9-12, 2014. See link;

Physical safety was obviously one the transit operators in attendance primary concerns. An interesting question was asked, “Why some passengers video these assaults on their iPhones rather than calling 911 or jumping in to help the driver?”

Our answer may surprise you.

Bystander mobilization and intervention is often based on a sense of community. Are the people on your vehicle “your” people and are you “their” driver? If so, everyone is safer.

Watch this video and let us know you thoughts. Please comment below.


Bystander mobilization and transit operators

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