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Gary Klugiewicz here.

Today’s Peace Story is told by Mike Delvaux, a Vistelar Consultant who spent over thirty years working for the WI Department of Corrections.

He retired as a captain and a P.O.S.C. ® (Principles of Subject Control) agency trainer. Mike tells of a time when he used his verbal skills to get a difficult prisoner to go with the program.

The important thing to remember is that whether his negotiation worked or didn’t work, the system still worked.

Like Dr. George Thompson, one of the major contributors to the Verbal Defense & Influence program liked to say, “Words alone may fail but the system always works because it allows you to show that you have exhausted all verbal options and that action is both necessary and justifiable.”

We like to explain this concept as “Looking good no matter where this ends up.”

Let’s watch a master verbal communicator in action. Remember that these tactics apply when dealing with any difficult person.


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Treat people with dignity by showing them respect. Start out on the right foot with the Universal Greeting. Use the Persuasion Sequence to ask, tell people why, give them options and, when possible, a second chance.

Most times you will generate voluntary compliance, often you will get the person to cooperate willingly with you and, as in this case, you can even develop a collaborative atmosphere that will allow you to work together to solve seemly unsolvable conflicts.

Enjoy the video.

Mike and I look forward to your comments.


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