This Gary Klugiewicz.

As the director of training for Verbal Defense & Influence, I am constantly meeting interesting and talented trainers. I recently met Gerard O’Dea from the Dynamis Training & Insight Group in Great Britain who joined the Vistelar team as an instructor.

His area of specialization is healthcare.

Gerard and I have been communicating regularly as the Vistelar Group continues to develop our Interventions for Patients with Challenging Behaviors training program.

Our instructors have developed an extensive program on Proxemics, i.e., how to remain alert, control distance, establish proper relative position in relation to your patient, and how to maintain appropriate hand placement to keep both the patient and staff member safe.

The video below contains an important safety tip for healthcare providers on how to stay safe when kneeling next to a sitting patient. Gerard does a great job of applying Proxemics to this specific challenge facing healthcare professionals.

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We know that some of you are doing this already but this may serve as a reminder on how to keep yourself safe while providing the best possible care for your patients.

Have a great day that begins with remaining alert, being decisive, and having a preplanned practiced response in mind.

Please share this safety tip with your administrators, supervisors, trainers, fellow staff members, and friends / family members who are in health care.

Gary T. Klugiewicz



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