Recently, Jackson Katz the co-founder of the Mentors in Violence Prevention program, wrote an online essay regarding the state of prevention programs on college campuses.

Throughout the article, Katz discusses how it takes the combined effort of everyone to create an environment that’s intolerant of unacceptable behavior, not just by encouraging bystander intervention, but by ensuring that bystanders who intervene are supported by their peer group.

Katz further explains it like this:

“As the philosophy and methods of bystander work grew in popularity, variations on the central theme arose. For example, in recent years, ‘bystander intervention’ programs that de-emphasize discussions of gender norms and instead focus on the development of personal skills have proliferated.

To be sure, helping people develop skills for intervention is essential, but at its essence, bystander training is about more than skill building. People—especially men—need permission from each other to act, and reassurance that those who do intervene and interrupt abusive behavior will be respected, not rejected.”

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