This is Gary Klugiewicz.

Like many of you, I have experienced the negative impact of negative gossip direct at me. I never considered the positive impact that gossip can have. Now I do.

The Radio Health Journal ( recently posted a very interesting podcast entitled “Why Gossip is a Good Thing.” Needlessly to say I was drawn in by the title. The podcast lived up to the hype. It was both interesting but once explained – easy to understand.

Why Gossip Is A Good Thing

The podcast discusses what is referred to as Pro Social Gossip – the positive aspects of gossip. You will find out that gossip can deter bad behavior, let you know who you can trust, and, in fact, serve as a testimonial for persons, places, and things.

One other thing that gossip can do, that is not referenced in this podcast, is to let you know who needs help which is important for those who view themselves as “protectors.”

Please listen to the podcast and post your comments below.


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