This is Gary Klugiewicz. I am the director of training for Verbal Defense & Influence.

The reason I am contacting you is that I would like to share several experiences that I recently had while on a family vacation.

We were staying at a cabin in northern Wisconsin. It was a large cabin because we were staying with not only my family but my daughter and son-in-law’s extended family. It was a great time with lots of fun times and a chance to sit around and just talk.

Some of the conversations had a common theme and might surprise you.

Although I was on vacation, it was amazing how many of the conversations were focused on conflicts in various family member’s professional lives. I ended up doing a series of personal conversations on how Verbal Defense & Influence could benefit people in managing conflict in their work environments.

I ended up handing out several Communicating Under Pressure (C.U.P.) cards.

CUP card

The front of the C.U.P. cards displays graphically the ten components of the Verbal Defense & Influence training program that are listed below:

1. Be Alert & Decisive / Respond, Don’t React
2. Five Maxims
3. Showtime Mindset
4. Universal Greeting
5. Beyond Active Listening
6. Redirection
7. Persuasion Sequence
8. When Words Alone Fail
9. Bystander Mobilization
10. Review & Report

The back of the card contains the Five Maxims, the Universal Greeting, and Beyond Active Listening tactics.

What was amazing was that at least three of the people that we were vacationing with were experiencing conflict at work that could benefit from the tactics trained in our workshops. Although these professionals came from very different backgrounds, i.e., medical, finance, and manufacturing, they were all having a difficult time successfully interacting with either their customers and/or fellow staff members.

I ended up teaching short, thirty minute blocks of instruction teaching the back of the C.U.P. card introducing them to the Five Maxims, Universal Greeting, and Beyond Active Listening.

In order to make this a training (skill development) session and not just a lecture, we practiced performing the Universal Greeting and Persuasion Sequence. The important thing is that in a very short period of time, members of my family were able to walk away armed with verbal skills that they could take back to their work environment that would better prepare them for conflict resolution.

Please take the time to share the skills that you have learned with you friends and family. It will lead to a less conflicted world. Best wishes on your efforts to Communicate Under Pressure.



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