Recently, Verbal Defense & Influence’s Director of Training, Gary Klugiewicz, conducted training for the entire police force for the City of Cudahy – a suburb of Milwaukee, Wis.

The one-day training session was held for all sworn law enforcement staff, dispatchers, clerks, auxiliary and community service officers with the ultimate goal of having all Cudahy employees being trained over the course of the year.

The training was well received. In fact, Cudahy Police Chief, Thomas Poellot wrote an article in the city newsletter describing the training and the impact it will have on the community.

The article can be seen in PDF form on the city website here (The article starts on page 11 of the newsletter):

Focus on Training with the Cudahy Police Department

With all Cudahy law enforcement officers utilizing the same communication methodology, they will have a unified approach to managing conflict, generating cooperation and staying safe in the line of duty.

City residents will benefit by having officers who abide by the Five Maxims of Human Interaction – treating people with dignity by showing them respect, responding appropriately to situations and always trying to give others a second chance whenever possible.

– Ed Holpfer

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