Jill Weisensel

Many times, a conflict – either verbal or physical – is witnessed by other people, yet few ever intervene in an attempt to put an end to the situation.

There are several factors that lead to such low intervention rates, but one key factor is lack of proper communication skills to deal with these types of situations.

In an article written earlier this year, Jill Weisensel discussed why any bystander intervention program needs to first teach effective communication skills for the program to be successful.

“Sometimes, we must intervene in socially awkward situations that are difficult to communicate in. These situations also require us to be cognizant of where we’d like the conversation to go, so much so, that it is desirable to have a pre-practiced and pre-planned response in mind.”

You can read the full article on her website.

How would better communication have improved a situation you witnessed or were involved in?


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